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23 February 2011 @ 02:58 pm
 How late is this list?! 

52 books!Collapse )
I am not sure my unread books: read books ratio on my bookshelf has changed all that much though. Oh dear. I made a resolution last year to read a book a week, and I did! Mainly on commutes, but I have to say, committing to reading really made me regain my love for fiction. Academic work sucked a lot of book love out of me, but since I finished my MA, I'm rediscovering reading again. This year I'm hoping for 60 (though only six so far, oh dear!)! 
29 August 2010 @ 09:39 pm
I have started one of those public blog things to talk about being a fatty and a thrifty type, plus lots of fannying about in clothes. I have had to put my ebay store on hiatus for a while as it became a bit too much to deal with, so instead I'm hoping to use this blog to launch an etsy store selling things I pick up, and once my sewing skills get better, maybe even things I make! People have been super nice so far, so I'm trying to be a bit more public about it.

The blog was also going to be about why Yorkshire is super amazing, but er... now I have a job in Brighton! So I am moving back south for ten months. I will be working at Screen Archive South East digitising old 8mm/16mm home movies. I am packing everything up and have a moving van taking me back to Steve's in Surrey in September, just for a week or two to dump stuff and find a room. From there I am hopefully going to get a cheap single room in a house share, then save pennies for travelling and exciting times with Alex.

Alex has a friend taking our spare room, and has been a lovely about the whole situation. I am a lucky one. I am very sad about leaving Leeds, although will be up around once a month to see Alex anyway (he'll be coming down to see me once a month too) and very much looking forward to a new adventure. Would very much appreciate any exciting suggestions for things to do in the mean time.
12 July 2010 @ 03:12 pm
Okay, enough misery guts. 
I just splurged a little and scored this dress on etsy. £17 including shipping = pretty good given usual etsy prices. Going to pair it with a tiny tan belt and my new loafer heels from clarks, scored for £15 during the sale. Got to look good at the job centre, right? Umm...

Also, I just had a nice email from a fat fashion blogger asking to interview me about my ebay shop. Which is on hiatus at the minute, so erm, maybe not the best timing for publicity. But pleasant. 
28 August 2009 @ 10:50 pm
New hair. New glasses.

MA ends on Tuesday!
Freedom begins soon. As does writing.

Plans are afoot.

22 August 2009 @ 06:19 pm

I got some new specs. Bought from thriftstoreuk, reglazed with my lenses with glasses2you, all for about £35. They are totally awesome. But quite heavy. I also bought some vintage cats eye frames which I also had reglazed for my more femmey moments. 

Life is hectic. My new job is exciting and I get free cinema (+ imax) tickets - a pair of tickets per day actually. Bradford is odd and full of mutants (secretly I think of it as the Innsmouth of the North) but has its perks - namely cheap fantastic curries and er.. free cinema. Dissertation is written, formatting to do and getting it bound on Friday. Hand in a week on Tuesday. Freedom a week on Tuesday! Huzzah. 

I realised the other week that I don't miss London anymore.
07 July 2009 @ 07:49 pm

Worn to loaf about the house.

Star tee, size 16 (stretch is my friend) from H+M - free courtesy of Leeds Community Clothing Exchange.

80s lilac high waisted skirt - £3 from a charity shape.

For the Leeds-ians that may see this, I wholeheartedly recommend LCCE. I've been going for four months now and, even as a larger type, generally find a few things. It's hit and miss but worth the trip most times. This time someone of a similar size had donated lots and so I ended up with lots of jumpers, tees and an awesome summer dress. I also got this tee which I'd not normally buy, but it's pretty ace nonetheless.

From their blurb:
Leeds Community Clothes Exchange is a community project encouraging the recycling and exchange of clothes, accessories, bags etc.. in order to develop community spirit and reduce consumption and raise awareness of unethical consumer habits. We all have clothes lying around we dont wear , either they dont fit right, sit right, look right or whatever! Most people impulse buy- decide they dont like it and it sits gathering dust or simply thrown away. The irony is plenty of items that would look amazing on you are going to waste!!


Each item will be awarded at least one token and more than one if the item is large eg coat or extra special. Each token will allow you to take away one item, some items worth more than one token. Donations should be in reasonable condition and washed. Bring down up to 20 items per event, have a rumage... and we'll give you a receipt for any tokens you don't use so you can use them at a future exchange!! So raid your wardrobes, get involved and perhaps find yourself the perfect outfit for FREE!!

The facebook group can be found here:

07 July 2009 @ 04:29 pm
It's my birthday in 23 days time.
Alex is effing hopeless at knowing what to buy me so he's given me free license to find things I want for a present instead. I am asking for a bread maker from one parent and an ice cream maker/mini-processor from the other, as I am quite hopeless at making bread and ice cream, but always want to nonetheless. Hopefully lots of kitchen goodies also.

I think I want the sort of dress that would make him vomit normally. I have been lusting over several self identified 'queer' things online over the past week and quite fancy this skirt. The uterus skirt:

I really like the idea of the skirt worn with band tees for a casual look. I worry I should be buying office wear now that I have a new job though. I really hate office wear. I actually sold both of my suits to pay bills recently, oh dear. I might wangle the copy of Crass - Penis Envy (LP version) that is currently sat on ebay also, for a very reasonable price nonetheless, if his pennies will stretch. I figure uterus skirt + 70s fem punk is a good combination.

I am very poor at the minute as I cancelled my overdraft the other night. So I'm not actually poor, but it really feels like it. I'm having to learn to live on the small amount of money I earn from ebay every month, instead of just always saying yes to things and spending too much on the pub, cinema and clothes I feel I have to have. So far it's been a positive learning experience - I've never not had an overdraft since leaving home, but found that recently it's been pretty harmful as when I've been stressed I've just spent and gone into it. Now I have to make sure I feed myself before spending, and I feel less stressed for it, oddly. I guess years of interest free overdrafts mean that you get conditioned into just spending and not thinking, so I feel good that I'm training myself not to do this! But I am sad that I can't really afford luxuries like posh farmers market sausages, nice hummus and exotic fruits and juices more often.

I'm also bargain hunting more for clothes, which reminds me of how much fun that is. Latest score is this body con skirt from Evans which is on sale for £7 online, but I also managed to get £5 off with a discount code so it only ended up being £2 (+£4 delivery, grr).

I start my new job a week on Monday and the terror level is already high. I am worried about making the money stretch, finishing my dissertation whilst working full time, and the hour commute but am hoping that the job will be rewarding enough to suffice. Plus, I'll be alone in a room with a digital hasselblad for the vast majority of the time, so I think it will suit me admirably.

In the mean time I am knitting lots and selling lots of things I don't need for extra money, plus baking (I made vanilla cupcakes with orange cream frosting yesterday, yum yum) cheaply to occupy myself. If I hit my target for the week with dissertation writing, I am going to reward myself with a weekend doing fun free things like reading in the park, museum/gallery hopping and walking in the countryside (although that requires a train ticket, so may not actually conspire to be free) so I don't get complete cabin fever.
05 April 2009 @ 10:13 pm
Lemon cupcakes with white chocolate/lemon buttercream icing! Scrumptious.


100g self raising flour
100g butter
100g golden caster sugar
2 eggs
Zest and rind of one lemon.

Blend butter and sugar, add in the eggs, lemon and then the flour. Nice and simple!

Icing (approximates):
50g butter
250g icing sugar
Melted white chocolate - I used two small bags of milky bar buttons
Juice of one lemon

Beat it all together, basically!
Afterwards I grated the remaining zest of the lemons over. They were delicious.
16 March 2009 @ 09:51 pm
So today I had my first abstract accepted for a conference on 'Cosmetic Cultures' at my university this June. It's on negotiating fat subjectivity in pop culture, and here's the blurb for those interested:

In Bodies That Matter Judith Butler discusses the way in which subjects are formed through an ‘exclusionary matrix’, which, in order to operate, ‘requires the simultaneous production of a domain of abject beings, those who are not yet ‘subjects’, but who form the constitutive outside to the domain of the subject.’ (Butler, 1993: 3) As physical others to the contemporary ideal of the static, slender, toned body, fat bodies occupy this role of the not-yet-subject/abjected in modern society. This paper will discuss the way in which media and televisual reporting of the ‘obesity epidemic’ consistently reinforce fat subjects as out of control, immature subjectivities - the ‘before’ pose in an ongoing quest for that perfect ‘after’ self, who, having gone through the required social transformation, will be allowed access into mainstream society as a stable, acceptable subject. Looking at media figures with a publicly ‘fat and proud’ attitude such as Beth Ditto and , I will discuss the way in which such subjects negotiate their positions, refusing their abjection, and fighting for the right to active subjectivity and bodily agency within a fat oppressive society.

Further information on the conference (and the other abstracts, eventually) can be found at:
09 March 2009 @ 06:35 pm
Got a job today, marketing assistant at the University of Leeds' press office. Two/three hours in the morning, four days a week. Between that and my vintage selling I may well be able to stop digging into my savings and not need to work full time when I finish my MA. This means music making and art making being my main job. Not going insane. Or. potentially. PhD. Still in the back of my mind.


To celebrate, this super amazing dress is winging its way to me:

I am heading down to see two things at the LGBFF in London (the raincoats documentary introduced by Beth Ditto and a series of shorts about fat activism: Invasion of the Chubsters) and I want super amazing outfits for both. I miss dressing in super ridiculous outfits.